Penrith & St. Marys and Sydney North

SimSig is proud to present the next sim from Sydney, NSW, Australia! Penrith & St Marys Signal Boxes are located on the Main West line in the greater western suburbs of Sydney, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. Penrith is the main terminus and stabling location in the west for the Sydney suburban service, and you will also guide freight and intercity trains through the area. Many signallers fondly refer to Penrith Box as the best job they ever worked.



Slough Panel (PSB) SimSig

We have headed back to the Western Region for our latest release - Slough Panel. This is in the heart of the Thames Valley, controlling a key part of the Great Western Mainline and some of the associated branches.

In real life this is two workstations, but it is manageable by one player, with plenty to keep you busy.



North Kent (SimSig)

We head back to the Southern Region for our latest release - North Kent. This is commuter land, handling three busy commuter lines from London (London Bridge simulation) which all converge in the Dartford area. Freight is also an important customer, serving the large Hoo Yard area and the Isle of Grain.

In real life this is two workstations but with the help of ARS, one user can handle the whole area with little difficulty, yet busy enough to keep you on your toes. Enjoy this ideal simulation!



Shrewsbury (új szimuláció)

The Shrewsbury simulation contains the line between Crewe Gresty Lane (Exclusive) to Shrewsbury Crewe Junction [Approximately 32 Miles]. The line from Gobowen (Exclusive) [ Fringe to North East Wales ] to Shrewsbury Crewe Junction [Approximately 18 miles]. The lines through Shrewsbury station between Shrewsbury Crewe Junction and Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction [Approximately 0.25 miles]. The line from Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction to Wellington (Exclusive) [Approximately 10 miles]. The line from Shrewsbury Severn Bridge Junction to Dorrington (Exclusive) [Approximately 6 miles]. And finally the line from Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge Junction to Welshpool (Exclusive) [Approximately 18 miles].

This gives a total route mileage in the simulation of approximately 84.25.


Ára: £22.50

Edge Hill & Liverpool Lime St (Új központ)

Edge Hill simulation covers numerous small signalboxes in the Liverpool area stretching from North of Weaver Jn through to Liverpool Lime Street and includes the branch towards Huyton and Boootle Jn as well as the Low Level Lines past Fiddlers Ferry towards Arpley Junction. The simulation includes numerous freight locations (Garston, Ditton, Fiddlers Ferry, Halewood) as well as two depots and a terminal station and therefore plenty of variety.

Note: this simulation appears as "Liverpool Lime St to Runcorn" in the Loader list.

Manual: Edge Hill & Liverpool Lime St


Edinburgh szimuláció frissítés

We are pleased to announce that Peter Bennet has completed the conversion of Edinburgh SimSig to loader format, and it is now available via the usual check for updates method.

Please note that this is a direct conversion of the original Edinburgh SimSig, there are no changes to the simulated era. Customers who have an existing license for the .exe version will find this also works for the loader version. Alongside this there are also updates to other Scottish simulations and timetables.

Bővebben a szimulációról:

Megjelent a Tree Bridge ASC

At last Three Bridges is here! All of the panels on the main board are included, plus Reigate SB, giving room for up to 9 players. ARS is also provided which means you can actually run it solo.

Timetables for 2009 and 2019 are provided. We'll also be providing a 2015 timetable soon, along with updates for Victoria and London Bridge so they can be chained in with compatible timetables.



Részletes leírás: Three Bridges

Megvásárolható £35.00: itt