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Főként a Nagy Britannia biztosítóberendezéseit szimulálja, négy különböző rendszerben (Modern SeriesHeritage Series, Special Series, Steam Era Series). Az alap programhoz külön-külön kell megvásárolni a szimulációkat és a kiegészítőket.


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Fejlesztő: John D. Dennis
Program: Angol
Nyelv: Angol
Licenc: Fizetős (Demó van)
Weboldal: www.pcrail.co.uk
Op. rendszer: XP, Win7,
Közösségi oldal: Facebbok


Egginton Junction (PC-Rail)

Egginton Junction in Derbyshire was the junction of the North Staffordshire Railway line between Stoke-on-Trent and Derby and the Great Northern Railway's Derby Friargate line to Burton on Trent.

The authentic 1957/58 timetable features a lot of steam-hauled freight traffic, with early DMU's on local passenger services.

This simulation introduces a new feature, unsignalled shunting moves with a green flag exhibited from the box or ground frame.

Egginton Junction is one of our Heritage Series simulations.

Forrás:Egginton Junction


Gloucestershire (PC-Rail)

An enjoyable modern simulation centred on the towns of Gloucester and Cheltenham, on the North East to South West line between Birmingham and Bristol, with lines also to London Paddington, South Wales and Worcester.

The timetable is for weekdays in Summer 2017, with passenger services formed of HST's and DMU's. Many trains terminate at Cheltenham and form a new train after going to Alstone carriage sidings.

Gloucestershire is one of our Modern Series simulations.

Forrás: Gloucestershire

Glebe Street (PC-Rail)

Even bigger than the adjacent Stoke Junction, this simulation includes Stoke-on-Trent station, Stoke Yard and Stoke North. With 147 levers and a complex layout, it is perhaps the most challenging Heritage simulation ever, a real monster.

The 24 hour timetable includes over 780 trains and is exceptionally busy. Authentic and historical - but not one for the faint-hearted!
Glebe Street is one of our Heritage Series simulations.

Forrás: Glebe Street


Blackpool (PC-Rail)

This interesting simulation is of the Fylde lines from Salwick (in the Preston direction) to Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Burn Naze. Although the pace is not demanding it does feature a lot of variety in operation of the different lines, including level crossings and single line working.

The layout is for the 1974 to 2016 era and the timetable is set during the spring of 2016, with services operated by a variety of DMU classes.

Blackpool is one of our Modern Series simulations.

Forrás: Blackpool


Hooton (PC-Rail)

Located in the Wirral Peninsula, Hooton is roughly half way between Chester and Birkenhead. Despite being in a rural area the station had, in the 1950's, seven platforms, three freight yards, two signal boxes (one Special Class) and two branch lines. Many freight trains reversed at Hooton so their locomotives needed to 'run round'.

It is a busy simulation and the 1954/55 timetable includes local passenger trains, trains to various destinations in North Wales and also long distance trains to Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Bournemouth and Margate/Ramsgate, as well as expresses between Birkenhead and Paddington. In addition there was a lot of freight traffic serving the docks in Birkenhead, the massive Lever Brothers factories at Port Sunlight, the industrial area of Ellesmere Port and the oil refineries at Stanlow & Thornton.

Hooton is one of our Nostalgia Series simulations.

Forrás: Hooton






Accrington (PC-Rail)

This magnificent and large simulation features a complex and unusual layout. Much different to today, it is set in 1953 and is very busy with varied passenger and freight traffic, full steam loco sheds at Accrington and Rose Grove and many sidings.

The full 24 hour timetable which is included has over 540 train movements and features locos from 40 different steam classes.

Accrington is one of our Nostalgia Series simulations.

Forrás: Accrington

Ashford (Kent) (PC-Rail)

On the South Eastern main line between London and Dover, Ashford has been a major railway centre for over 170 years and is the junction between 5 routes with frequent services of passenger trains.

This simulation is based on the layout before Eurostar arrived and the timetable is for 1984, with 401 trains. These include a lot of ECS movements to and from the depot and also some freight traffic.

It is also planned to release a steam age Ashford simulation later this year. Registration of one will be valid with the other.


A PC-Rail béta teszt verziója (5.21)

Many of our older simulations have been updated to provide the features and improvements included in more recent ones. These are now available in 'beta test' form. This means we have carried out sufficient testing to confirm they operate correctly, but not enough to be 100% confident that they are ready to replace the currently released versions. You are welcome to download and make use of the new versions, especially of your registered simulations.

Your feedback will be very much appreciated so please report any faults to us so that we can rectify them. We will equally appreciate feedback confirming that no faults have been found!

Bővebben: https://pcrail.co.uk/develop/BetaVer_links.php

Worksop a PC-Rail-tól

Worksop lies close to Nottinghamshire’s borders with South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. The simulation features a lot of freight traffic, including the coal trains from various collieries and from Immingham docks and serving the nearby power stations at West Burton and Cottam. The goods loops and sidings at Worksop are used for stabling and reversing/recessing these trains. Local passenger trains include the regular Sheffield - Lincoln service.

The full 24 hour timetable for 1997 is relatively easy with only 105 train movements, not as busy as it would have been before the pits stated to close but still providing plenty of interest.

Új központ a PC-Rail-től

Aberystwyth - our new Heritage simulation, released today!
See http://www.pcrail.co.uk/index.php?pts=simulation&code=AH


Another highly enjoyable Heritage simulation, the terminus of the Cambrian Line 81 miles west of Shrewsbury, as well as the line south to Lampeter and Carmarthen.

A companion to Machynlleth, just a bit further up the line, but the working is completely different, with 5 terminus platforms. Not a very busy station but lots of shunting to be done.

The timetable is for Summer 1959.