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It has been a while since the last update but, COVID not withstanding, developments have continued in the background. The main activity has been in the Advanced version of Exeter West and I expect to announce a new release - including significant new timetables - shortly.
(Thank you to the dedicated members of the Exeter West Group who have contributed to the development and testing work!)

Additionally, all our simulations have recently (19 Jan 2022) received an update to their code. The changes are of a minor administrative nature and Registered Customers need not update their installation. However, if you are intending to purchase a licence, please ensure you are registering using the latest version (release date 19 Jan 2022).

Our newest simulation - Crow Nest Junction - remains available to Purchase as a fully licensed version.
Further details of this very interesting simulation are now available on our Advanced Series webpage.

Work is also in hand to develop a Timetable Editor for this simulation which will be released subject to sufficient sales of the Simulation.

21 January 2022



2022. január 21