Sandhills (Merseyrail network)

2019. május 13-án a SimSig ismét egy új szimuláció jelentetett meg.

This simulation covers the area controlled by Sandhills IECC, which controls almost the whole of the Merseyrail network (A small part of the Wirral line is controlled by Chester PSB, and Ellesmere Port, and part of the Northern line by Hunts Cross signalbox.) It is roughly set from 2006 when Hall Road TMD closed through to present day, however a compromise era is available for slight older timetables.

The Wirral desk of the simulation looks after the Liverpool loop line, and the electric services to the four spokes of the Wirral line network; Chester, Ellesmere Port, West Kirby, and New Brighton. The lines drop underground on the approach to Conway Park, and just after Birkenhead Central heading towards Liverpool. It also looks after the diesel services which arrive from Dee Marsh Junction. One of the networks two EMU depots is located at Birkenhead North.

In contrast to the Wirral desk, the Northern desk network is more like a trident, with services running from the three branches of Southport, Kirkby, and Ormskirk through to Liverpool Central, and beyond to Hunts Cross. Southport is also home to diesel services, which run on the line to Wigan. A number of freight services also run briefly through the area from the main route into Liverpool, and onto the docks. Merseyrail's main depot is located adjacent to Kirkdale station.